Think Big or Go Home

Game Plan Capital is a hub for the development of the smart community, helping businesses and startups to remain relevant in the future of technology consumption.

We bring ideas to life

Helping startups in accelerating their development process, enabling them to bring innovative and relevant products to the fast-growing smart market. Our expertise in evaluation and infrastructure ensures that every startup reaches and exceeds its full potential. With our support, the possibilities are endless.

Our Projects

We are all Entrepreneurs

Innovation is the primary driver of global economic growth. We support visionary entrepreneurs who disrupt industries through technology and globally renowned companies changing their business to more sustainable solutions and challenging the status quo.

Business Development

We observe many large companies with millions of resources vanish from the market due to delayed product updates or business models. At Game Plan Capital, we analyze trends and fully understand your client's behaviors and preferences to provide you with exceptional insights and value.

Tech & Blockchain Hubs

Our companies are mainly focused on industries such as fintech, sustainability, edutech, modern entertainment, real estate, blockchain, and digital assets that utilize cutting-edge technologies to facilitate trade.

Development Services

Access to a top development team specialising in information technology and development, infrastructure, security, server setup and maintenance, and website design and digital marketing to launch ideas from apps to software platforms and infrastructure..

Helping Business Grow

This is the beginning of open-sourced societies. We devise clear and specific roadmaps for value creation, and act decisively to help companies succeed.

Business Network & Events

Game Plan Capital offers many opportunities for networking events and gatherings. We believe that it is in the meeting with others that ideas can be born and developed. We connect businesses with each other as their needs arise and when synergistic activities present themselves.

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Keep up to date with our latest portfolio news