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Investing with us is both simple and lucrative, it also means that you have come to realize that blockchain is the technology platform on which modern societies of the future are based upon. We invest in disruptive technologies and software that creates digital assets ​​ transferable through cryptographic verifications. A gateway to the future societies.


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Why Us?

Our Story

We’re rigorous tech addicted entrepreneurs and ask the hard questions, always looking to be the coach and point out blind spots and get a better sense of the unseen and unknown. We believe in the new protocols serving bitcoins and smart contracts and that distributed ledger technology will allow people and companies to establish new protocols on how to exchange and protect their data stored in multiple locations.



Business Network

Game Plan Capital offers many opportunities for networking. We believe that it is in the meeting with others that ideas can be born and developed. Therefore, we support industry- and function-specific networks within the framework of the GPC Startup and also cooperate with networks outside our environment.

Business Development

Our methods aim to help companies to train themselves the ability to develop their business model. One of the most important tools we use is the Design Thinking method, a well-proven method for development work. It helps to keep the focus on the right things and ensures customer benefit, at the same time as all parts of the company’s own company are involved.

All Entrepreneurs

Innovation is the primary driver of global economic growth. We support visionary entrepreneurs who reshape industries through technology and global renowned companies changing its business to more sustainable solution and challenging the status quo. 

Tech & Blockchain Hubs

By knowing as much as possible about each company in the HUB, we can connect companies with each other when the need arises. We also work closely with our corporate network to create opportunities for companies and researchers to benefit from each other.

Helping Business Grow

This is the beginning of open-sourced societies that through collaborative networks will operate with the highest levels of transparency and efficiency, creating an economic growth generating great opportunities for a sustainable digital ecosystem. We fully commit to each of our investments, devise a clear and specific value creation roadmap and act decisively to help our portfolio companies succeed.