System Engineer

GPC Platform Engineer

GPC Fintech team provides the services, tools, and know-how to make the Business units operationally independent. The domains we cover are Android/iOS core development and CI/CD, Data Platform providing analytics as a service, and back end core development and Infrastructure.

As a System Engineer, you are responsible for building and improving the performance, reliability, availability, security, and evolution of the TC production sites. Along with the team, you also help implement and improve processes for planning, operations, and continuous improvements.  

 What we expect from you:

  • Extensive knowledge of programming and system administration on Linux environments, preferably working on high throughput and low latency systems
  • Excellent understanding of distributed system design across process and site boundaries
  • Hands-on experience with service orchestration and management, deployment activities, configuration management, and all necessary automation
  • Good understanding of process isolation, virtualization and containerization concepts and being able to apply them when necessary
  • Good understanding of software development lifecycle, versioning, building, testing, staging and deployment processes with a strong continuous delivery mindset
  • Having a research-oriented mindset
  • Strong tendency to keep things simple and maintainable (stick to KISS + YAGNI)

What will you work on?

  • A modern microservice architecture based on Java/Scala. We use a wide stack of technologies, of which, some of the most important are: Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Apache Cassandra, Scyladb, MySQL, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Redis, Memcache, Prometheus, Grafana, Debian Linux.



We learn, analyze trends and how the world works by building roadmaps and evolving with our partners as much as we can. We always encourage new ideas and disruptive thinking .


Game Plan Capital is an investment community focused exclusively on projects related to blockchain tech, ventures, tokens, digital currency, and crypto assets. 


Our combined hedging, investments and venture capital methodology aims to deliver excellent financial returns to our partners and investors across economic cycles. 

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