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Gameplan Capital is a privately held asset manager for those interested in investing on alternative blockchain projects. Founded by rigorous tech addicted entrepreneurs and visionaries committed to create superior value for our fellow investors by identifying, realizing and executing high quality transactions, continuously engaged in portfolio companies and projects in their value creation until successfully executed ICO’s or IPO’s. 


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For investors with a long-term investment horizon who like to engage in the development projects. GPC Capital Fund mainly contributes to the development of blockchain protocol-oriented platforms serving Bitcoin,  EOS and Ethereum for projects with disruptive and outstanding innovative business models for markets in the financial, insurance and trading sectors. Focused on Scalability, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Consensus Mechanism and EOS Protocols

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GPC Venture Capital is an active fund on disruptive blockchain oriented development projects and provides investment capital to fund high-tech entrepreneurial activity on Ai, IoT on protocols serving Bitcoin and EOS. This is a specialist fund, targeting two types of companies. Startups that are developing commercially promising platforms on blockchain technologies and seed and early stage startups, occasionally also on pre-seed commercially viable academic projects although depending on the development stage of such project.


In the “new business” of low interest rates we believe that various types of blockchain platforms will become very interesting investments. While focusing primarily on converting traditional business into blockchain-based solutions. To execute our projects we only work with development teams with proven track records. GPC Investors Fund is an active fund focused on established companies with exceptional potential growth modernising its business process and technology such as the insurance and banking markets. 

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Game Plan Capital only invest where we are convinced that we can clearly identify and execute on value creation potential. Our partners and shareholders are committed to their community and invest for the long run and within clearly defined ethical and professional standards. Our access to capital and fast decision making process ensure that we can act quickly and reliably in any transaction. We are committed to be the best owner of any asset we purchase.







To engage as an investor you become an important partner to us, therefore a scheduled virtual meeting is mandatory at first. Together we define, purpose, expectations and terms. We value long-term vision and open-minded people. An offering may be made only by delivery of a confidential offering memorandum to appropriate investors. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.



The world is changing. From instant fund transfers to decentralisation to fraud and identity theft protection, the world of crypto looks as if it’s going to overhaul entire industries and businesses on a global scale. We are aware of the amazing opportunities of investing in these future platforms and currencies. For some investors entering into the crypto ecosystem still remains difficult  and most people do not understand how to enter a market filled with opportunities.  Decentralized Platforms enable the possibility of opening accounts, taking out loans, deposit funds into savings accounts, borrow funds, trading financial products and digital assets, global investments and deposit funds anywhere in the world. We invest together with angel investors in peer-to-peer payment systems to automated loans to USD-pegged stablecoins, Power of Stake mining platforms. Learn with us to invest in one of the most active sectors in the blockchain space.


We love the evolution of e-sports and the gaming industry, who the past years we’ve seen integrated artificial intelligence and both augmented reality and virtual reality, an industry prone to adopt technological innovations.  There will be no difference with blockchain, it will revolutionize the scene throughout the transparency of smart contracts, lower operational costs for databases, eliminating concerns about the unfair distribution of prize money. We are interested in payment methodology, and Proof of Stake based incentive platforms.    


Over recent years, renewable energy and other clean technologies have grown impressively in terms of both physical volumes and investments. We have focused in companies with various carbon reduction and greening techniques into our investments, which are designed to the lower carbon economy.


Helping governments keep track of drugs and combat fake drugs, store records of public health, improve data accuracy and access to patients’ data, payment records. Patients can store lifelong health records securely on blockchain platforms and own their data. We look for disruptive platforms to improve the interoperability of different healthcare platforms, treatments, medical research and supply chain by optimizing current workflows and disintermediating high-cost gatekeepers. We believe it holds the potential to save billions for the healthcare industry worth over $4 Trillions in the US alone.   


Smart buildings in the blockchain benefit the industry through the digital securitization of real estate properties, also known as tokenization. Digital assets can represent real-world assets such as real estate, real estate funds, revenue streams, governance rights, and more. Once these assets are tokenized, they can be divided into more granular pieces, made accessible to a wider pool of investors, and leveraged to raise capital. Blockchain simplifies access to alternative financing models by facilitating investor management for developers and ensuring investment transparency and continuous ROI tracking for investors. We are interested in tokenization of real estate assets, global asset distribution and secondary market opportunities.