Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Developer

We are looking for a blockchain developer to strengthen some of the teams in our investment portfolio. We focus on development around blockchain-based incentive systems for the supply chain. We see that you have strong coding skills with scripting languages like Python, C/C++, C# programming  

  • Strong experience with Blockchain, ICO, Cryptocurrency, tokens, IoT technology
  • Professional knowledge about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash
  • Cryptocurrency mining, Electrical engineering, Financial technology
  • Data analytics, Data visualization and Geographic Information Systems(GIS)
  • Business research, data collection and analysis
  • C\C++, C# programming and API Design

Here are the skill sets you must master :

  • Ethereum- If you want to become a Blockchain Developer, you must know the popular programming language-Solidity. Solidity is used to write smart contracts. If you are wondering what solidity is, it’s an object-oriented programming language. Its syntax is similar to JavaScript and ECMAScript. Thus, if you have preliminary knowledge about Javascript, learning Solidity becomes easier for you.
  • Hyperledger: Hyperledger is a private permissioned Blockchain used to develop business blockchain framework with the help of hyperledger tools. If you wish to start with Hyperledger then you have two stable projects, (i) Hyperledger Fabric, and (ii)Hyperledger Composer

We have a few more of them but they are not as stable as the ones mentioned above and are under moderation.

  • Multichain: Multichain is used to develop solutions for Private Blockchain which can be either permissioned or permissionless. You can also build public blockchain if you have an expertise in multichain.

Coding is an important aspect of the Blockchain. Blockchain coding is not that complex if you are well-versed in Javascript, If you are someone who likes coding, you must jump to courses, that will guide you further execute your skills in Blockchain development successfully.

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